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Tooth-PT TM (中杏牙痛水)- Natural Effective Tooth Pain Relief - Bestseller Product

Tooth-PT TM is a doctor-developed and dentist-tested natural product that relieves or stops tooth pain and toothache within 1 minute. 

Tooth-PT TM offers optimum natural protection and treatment for various tooth and gums problems. Tooth-PT TM is composed by a group herbal extracts and has multiple functions. Not only does it help relieve or stop tooth pain/toothache quickly and effectively, but it also helps to sort out various tooth and gum problems by multiple mechanisms such as killing germs, inhibiting inflammation, helping tissue repair etc. Furthermore, it is helpful for hygiene of the mouth and prevention of various teeth, gum and mouth membrane problems, when used after meals and before sleep.

Tooth-PT TM is a 100% natural product, based on our unique and clinically proven formula, using food grade GMP certified premium quality Chinese herbal ingredients. Tooth-PT TM is traditionally used, scientifically based and clinically tested. Small batch made in the UK. 

Tooth-PT TM is packaged in a fine mist pointed sprayer, which makes it easy to use - just open the cap, point towards affected tooth root area and spray 2-3 times. Pain will be reduced or stopped instantly. 4 times daily or use when desired.

Tooth-PT TM uses consumable food ingredients, so there is no need to spit it out.

Tooth-PT TM  has a good taste (sweet) and there is no bad smell or aftertaste; the product is suitable for children to use as well. Young children will need adult assistance to utilise the spray.

Tooth-PT TM is safe and effective with no observed side effects. Volume: 10ml/per bottle, 0.12-0.14ml per spray.

Store in a cool and dry place. Product can be used for 30 days after opening.

Tooth-PT TM 中杏牙痛水)是天然保护和治疗多种牙齿和牙龈疾患的最佳选择。 Tooth-PT TM由一组中药提取物组成,具有多种功能。它不仅有助于在一分钟内缓解或消除牙齿疼痛,而且还有助于通过多种机制防治各种牙齿和牙龈问题,如杀死细菌,抑制炎症,帮助组织修复等。食后和睡前长期使用,有助于保护口腔卫生,防治口腔,牙齿和牙龈等多种疾患。

Tooth-PT TM 100%天然产品,根据我们的医生配方,使用食品级GMP认证的中药成分。Tooth-PT TM 的成分多为传统使用,具有现代科学基础, 且已经英国牙医临床测试。Tooth-PT TM 小批量在英国制造的。

Tooth-PT TM 采用细雾喷嘴包装,使其易于使用 - 只需打开盖子,指向受影响的区域并喷洒2-3次。疼痛会立即减轻或停止。一天4次或痛时即用。

Tooth-PT TM 使用可食性成分,因此无需吐出。

Tooth-PT TM 味甜,没有难闻的异味; 该产品也适合儿童使用。幼儿需要成人帮助才能使用喷雾剂。


包装:10ml /瓶,每次喷雾0.12-0.14ml


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