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D-STDs™ is composed of a group of natural anti-germs herbal extracts, which can be used for specific (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and non-specific infection of the urine-reproductive system. It can be used for both men and women.  D-STDs™ is effective for most of the pathogens according to traditional use and modern scientific research. The formula of D-STDs™ utilises only safe and natural herbal ingredients. Generally speaking, individuals may get better in 2-3 days after taking our product; if not, the dose should be doubled.  It is safer to take for a longer period of time (1-3 weeks) in case some germs are hiding in some places where the medicine finds it difficult to reach. If the germs cannot be killed in one episode, they will develop into chronic and thus further treatment will become more difficult. 

Usage:  Two bags a day - dissolve in hot water, drink one in the morning, one in the evening. Honey can be added to taste, if desired. One D-STDs™ package includes 14 bags (a week supply); do not have any break in the usage. One week as a course, 1-3 courses are recommended depending on the situation. If it is the first attack or the immune system is strong, 1-2 courses, otherwise 2-3 courses. At check out, in the shopping basket, you can choose the number of the packages you would like, and then click update.


D-STDs由一组天然抗菌中药提取物组成,可用于特异性(性传播疾病)和非特异性泌尿生殖系统感染。它适用于男性和女性。 根据传统的应用和现代科学研究,该药对大多数病原体都有效。 D-STDs的配方全部使用安全无毒的天然中药成分,通常服后2-3天即会见效,如不见效,剂量加倍。建议连续使用1-3周,以防有些病原微生物藏在药物难以到达的某些地方,不能很快被有效杀灭。如果细菌不能在一波次的治疗中被全部杀灭,它们将发展成慢性,进一步治疗将变得特别困难。因此服用较长一些时间会更安全一些。

用法:每天两小袋 - 溶于热水,早上服一袋,晚上服一袋。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。一个D-STDs中包装含14小袋(一周正常量)。一周为一疗程,建议根据病情连续服用1-3疗程, 原则上第一次发病可短些,重复发病宜长些;抵抗力强的可短些,反之宜长些。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中选择所需的中包装数量,然后点击更新。



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