SSAP 逍遥安 7 Day Package

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SSAP逍遥安 - 7 Day Package (1 Week Course)

About SSAP 

Our SSAP is a natural remedy helping stress, sleep, anxiety and various pains.  It is developed based on the famous traditional Chinese medicine formula “xiao yao san 逍遥散” by Dr. Shen.  SSAP can be considered as a strengthened version of this. Our SSAP supplies a group of special nutrition for brain neurons to assist the mind become peace and calm; it also inhibits the nervous system from overreacting to the various internal or/and external stimuli. It should be noted that SSAP is a symptomatic or assistant therapy remedy; for severe cases, other treatment which aims at the original cause should be combined.

Instructions for Use

Put half contents of the herbal powder into a cup; dissolve using hot water, just like making instant coffee. Drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired to taste. Drink twice daily (half packet in morning, half packet in evening.) For helping sleep, the whole bag can be taken in the evening. The dose can be doubled in severe cases. 

SSAP is safe and effective, suitable for everyone.

7 bags of SSAP are recommended for achieving obvious effect (this may vary from person to person). 



我们的SSAP逍遥安)是治疗紧张,失眠,焦虑和各种疼痛的中药临床效方。它是在著名的中成药“逍遥丸的基础上发展起来的。 SSAP可以被视为传统中成药“逍遥丸”增强版或改良版。SSAP为大脑神经元提供一组特殊营养成分,镇静安神,舒心除烦,帮助睡眠,缓解疼痛,提高大脑工作效率,抑制神经系统对各种内部或/和外部刺激的过度反应。应该指出的是,SSAP是一种对症或辅助治疗药物; 对于严重的病例,应结合针对原因的其他治疗。


将半份草药粉放入杯中; 用热水溶解,就像制作速溶咖啡一样。凉爽时喝。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜。每天服两次(早上半包,晚上半包。)为了帮助睡眠,也可整袋在晚上临睡前服用。严重者,剂量可加倍。



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