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Period-SRTM (漏崩停)

Heavy or prolonged period is a very common women’s health problem, medically called menorrhagia. Modern medicine believes it is related with the imbalance of hormones. The result of medical treatment is normally not good. In most situations, hysterectomy surgery is the ultimate end.  

 In traditional Chinese medicine, the causes of heavy period are mainly blood stasis (with dark colour and clots) and blood heat (bright colour). For thousands years, Chinese medicine has accumulated very rich knowledge and excellent natural medicine in this aspect.

Our remedy, Period-SR TM, is a unique formula based on traditional Chinese medicine and our doctor’s research. It is able to treat menorrhagia effectively, save the womb by avoid the hysterectomy which causes huge damage of the body both physically and mentally.   

How Period-SR TM works:

  • Period-SR TM strengthens the contraction force of the womb-muscles, which help stopping bleeding by pressing blood vessels.
  • Period-SR TM can help clean the blood clots, which help the circulation, so help the recovery of muscle’s strength.
  • Period-SR TM regulates the balance of hormones, reduce the blood heat.  
  • Period-SR TM includes ingredients similar to vitamin K which helps reduce bleeding.
  • Period-SR TM includes organic iron and other special nutrition for promoting blood production.

Instructions for Use

Put half contents of the herbal powder into a cup; dissolve using hot water, just like making instant coffee. Drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired to taste. Drink twice daily (half packet in morning, half packet in evening.) 

7 bags of Period-SRTM are recommended for achieving obvious effect (this may vary from person to person). At check out, in the shopping basket, enter the number of packages you would like in the quantity box, and then click update.


月经量大或/和经期过长, 中医称之为崩漏,是一种非常常见的女性健康问题。


中医认为崩漏的病因主要是血瘀(暗色和血块)和血热(鲜艳的颜色)。数千年来,中医对于该病症积累了丰富的经验和药物。我们的Period-SRTM 是一种基于传统中医和我们自己的研究开发出的独特配方。用于有效的治疗月经过多,拯救子宫,免于子宫切除带来的机体的不全和心灵的伤痛。


  • 增强子宫肌肉的收缩力,通过压迫血管以止血。
  • 清除血凝块,活血以止血。
  • 含激素调节因子,降低血热
  • 含维生素K
  • 含有机铁和其它促进血液生成的特殊营养



Period-SRTM 安全有效,无毒无害,适合长期使用。







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