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NUTRI-SLIMTM is the safest and most reasonable slimming product. However, the main purpose of product design is not simply to quickly lose weight. It is an assistant treatment for weight loss. Overweight issues or obesity is the appearance of a health issue, therefore it is important to find the cause of obesity for appropriate treatment.

Many Chinese medicines taken over a period of time can help make the body lighter. NUTRI-SLIMTM is carefully selected from these Chinese herbal medicines. Its functions are reflected in the following aspects:

• Prevent overeating

• Promote energy metabolism

• Prevent hypothyroidism

• Assist bowel movements and urination

• Eliminate water excess and dampness in the body

NUTRI-SLIMTM is a combination of special pure natural quality Chinese herbal extracts and is produced in small quantities in the UK according to Dr. Shen’s formula. NUTRI-SLIMTM is safe and effective, suitable for long-term use and suitable for everyone.

Usage: 5-10 grams per day or 2-3 teaspoons, dissolve in hot water and drink in the evening before sleep. For children, the dosage can be reduced appropriately. If desired, add honey to taste. A bottle of NUTRI-SLIMTM contains 150 grams. At checkout, you can fill in the required quantity in the shopping basket and click Update.

NUTRI-SLIMTM  (瘦身饮) 是最安全和最合理的瘦身产品。但产品设计的主要目的不是为了快速的减轻体重。而是作为减肥的辅助治疗。超重或肥胖是一种疾病的表象,重要的是找到肥胖的原因,对因治疗。很多中药长期服用都可以使人体健身轻。NUTRI-SLIMTM  (瘦身饮) 就是从这些中药中精心挑选出来的。它的功能体现在以下方面:

  • 防止过度进食

  • 促进能量代谢

  • 防止甲状腺功能低下

  • 保持二便畅通

  • 消除体内的水湿

NUTRI-SLIMTM  (瘦身饮) 应用纯天然中药提取物按照沈杰医生的配方在英国小批量生产。它们无毒无害,安全有效,适合长期服用,也适用于任何人。

用法:每日5-10克 或2-3茶勺,溶于热水,睡前服。儿童适当减量。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。 一瓶NUTRI-SLIMTM  (瘦身饮) 150克。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中填入所需的数量,然后点击更新。

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