IBD-Aid 肠风灭

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IBD-AidTM  肠风灭

IBD, inflammatory bowel disease, is a group of inflammatory conditions of the colon and small intestine, including:

-          Crohn’s Disease

-          Ulcerative colitis

-          Collagenous colitis

-          Ishcaemic colitis

-          Diversion colitis

-          Behcet’s disease

-          Indeterminate colitis

The first two, Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis, are the most common; these are also considered as autoimmune diseases - diseases where the body’s own immune system attacks elements of the digestive system.

IBD are long-term (chronic) diseases that involve inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract.


-          Abdomen pain

-          Vomiting

-          Diarrhea (with blood and mucus)

-          Weight loss

-          Anaemia

-          Extreme tiredness


-          The exact causes of IBD are unclear

-          It is thought that the several following factors may play a part:

o        Genetics

o        Disruption to the immune system

o        Alterations to enteral bacteria

Current Treatments

-          There is currently no cure for Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis

-          The treatment mainly aims to relieve symptoms in the following ways:

o        Aminosalicylates, or in more severe cases, corticosteroids, to reduce inflammation

o        Immunosuppressants to block harmful activities of the immune system

o        Antibiotic therapy, as there is evidence some infections contribute to IBD

o        Fecal bacteriotherapy, a new trial therapy

o        Surgery, to remove inflamed sections of the digestive system

China Pharma’s View on IBD

China Pharma explains IBD in the following way. Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis is due to the disorder of the nervous regulation on the blood vessel of the gut. This causes the blood vessels to be abnormally dilated and causes blood stasis in the intestine and liquid comes out from the blood vessels. The walls of blood vessels become damaged due to lack of oxygen and additionally, bacteria in the intestine and contents of the intestine stimulate altogether causing inflammation and symptoms.

China Pharma’s Treatment

-          Usage of IBD Aid

-          Practice Tai Chi Yi Gong self-healing techniques, in particular, Free Tai Chi:8 Rings

How China Pharma’s Treatment Works

IBD Aid:

-          IBD Aid includes ingredients which strengthen the blood vessel walls in the intestines and prevent from blood vessel damage and reduce mucus and bleeding

-          IBD Aid includes ingredients which help blood vessels contract, which can reduce the occurrence of over-dilation

-          IBD Aid includes a group of natural antibacterial substances which can help the balance of the bacteria and other microorganisms

Tai Chi Yi Gong, in particular Free Tai Chi: 8 Rings

-          Practice can help calm down the central nervous system and help prevent from the body’s immune system overreact with the inflammation in the intestine

-          Free Tai Chi: 8 Rings, helps reduce or stop the stimulation to the nervous system, which is in charge of regulation of the blood vessels of the intestine

IBD Aid Ingredients

-          Plant extracts of the following compounds: Xiangdoujing, Qidunguosuan, Shengwujian, Neizh, WeishegshuP, WeishengshuK, Jutang.

-          Stevia (sugar substitute)

We used all efforts to ensure China Pharma remedies conform to all European law and regulations; we carefully selected the most therapeutic, high quality and safe ingredients, avoiding animal-related ingredients, mineral ingredients and extinguishing plant ingredients. Moreover, we altered and adapted TCM treatments and products to be most suitable for patients in developed countries.

IBD Aid Instructions for Use

-          The IBD Aid package includes seven bags of concentrated herbal mixture

-          One bag of IBD Aid per day

-          Dissolve each bag of IBD Aid in 200ml-300ml hot water

-          Wait to cool

-          Drink twice, once in the morning and once in the evening

-          Treat the dissolved remedy solution as food, keep the remaining remedy solution in the refrigerator

-          If any symptoms return in the future, IBD Aid may be used again



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