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HAIRMATETM provides the best natural nutrients to help hair growth, especially for alopecia and chemotherapy-induced hair loss. It can also improve the quality of hair for health and beauty. It works best with our topical medicine (Hair AidTM spray). For chronic hair loss however, if the hair roots are completely destroyed, hair regeneration becomes less likely, but it is still worth trying, because only after use can the final conclusions be made; moreover, these nutrients also have other beneficial effects on other aspects of health, such as relaxation, helping sleep etc.

HAIRMATETM is the combination of pure natural Chinese herbal extracts and produced in small quantities in the UK according to Dr. Jie Shen’s formula. They are safe and effective and are suitable for long-term use.

One month is a course of treatment and it is recommended to take 2-3 courses in a row.

Usage: 5-10 grams per day or 2-3 teaspoons, dissolve in hot water, drink in the evening before going to bed. If desired, honey can be added to taste. A bottle of HAIRMATETM contains 150 grams. At checkout, you can fill in the required quantity in the shopping basket and click Update.

HAIRMATETM (发美康) 提供最佳天然营养素,帮助头发生长,特别适用于斑秃及化疗引起的脱发。也可改善头发的质量, 用于美发。与我们的外用药(中杏生发水)和用, 效果更佳。对于慢性脱发,如果发根完全破坏,则头发的再生变得不太可能,但仍然值得试用,因为只有用后才能最终得出结论,另外这些营养素对于健康的其他方面也有增进作用, 譬如放松身心,帮助睡眠等。

HAIRMATETM (发美康) 应用纯天然中药提取物按照沈杰医生的配方在英国小批量生产。它们无毒无害,安全有效,适合长期服用。


用法:每日5-10克 或2-3茶勺,溶于热水,睡前服。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。 一瓶HAIRMATETM (发美康)150。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中填入所需的数量,然后点击更新。

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