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Food allergies are related to the human body's immune system being overly sensitive, but modern medicine fails to solve the problem of why the immune system is overly sensitive. We believe that a fundamental problem is the imbalance of nutrition.

EATALLTM contains a variety of special nutrients that are often lacking in regular meals. By properly correcting the imbalance of nutrition, the body's immune system sensitivity can revert to normal.

EATALLTM has another function, which is to strengthen the protective effect of the digestive tract mucosa, thereby preventing allergens from entering or attacking the body.

Furthermore, EATALLTM provides the best allergy treatment to help the body return to normal condition where all foods can be eaten, not to avoid allergies. Selective eating can lead to further imbalance of body nutrition and as a result, the condition may be aggravated to the extent that even the chance of recovery is lost for life.

EATALLTM is a combination of special pure natural Chinese herbal extracts and is produced in small quantities in the UK according to Dr. Shen’s formula. EATALLTM is safe and effective, suitable for long-term use and suitable for anyone.

Usage: 5-10 grams per day or 2-3 teaspoons dissolve in hot water and drink in the evening before sleep. For children, dosage can be appropriately reduced. If desired, add honey to taste. A bottle of EATALLTM contains 150 grams. At checkout, you can fill in the required quantity in the shopping basket and click Update.



食物过敏与人体免疫系统过于敏感有关,但现代医学未能解决好为什么免疫系统过度敏感的问题。我们认为根本的问题是营养的不平衡。EATALLTM (食敏消)含有多种特殊营养物质,这些营养物质常常为普通膳食所缺乏。通过纠正营养的不平衡而使机体的免疫系统敏感性恢复正常。EATALLTM (食敏消)


EATALLTM (食敏消)提供最佳的过敏症的治疗,使身体恢复正常,一切食品都能吃,而不是为了避免过敏,只是选择性的摄食,过于偏食能导致进一步的身体营养的不平衡, 从而使病情加重,甚至终生失去康复的机会。

EATALLTM (食敏消)应用纯天然中药提取物按照沈杰医生的配方在英国小批量生产。它们无毒无害,安全有效,适合长期服用,也适用于任何人。

用法:每日5-10克 或2-3茶勺,溶于热水,睡前服。儿童适当减量。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。 一瓶HAIRMATETM (发美康)150克。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中填入所需的数量,然后点击更新。

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