D-Flu 流感清

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D-flu is our natural remedy for common cold or/and flu. The symptoms include blocked nose, running nose, fever, headache, sore throat, cough, joints pain or whole body ache. These symptoms may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. Cold or flu can develop into bronchitis or even pneumonia, if it is not treated properly.

D-flu is composed by a group of herbal antivirus and anti-biotics ingredients; it also includes some nutritional ingredients which improve the function of immune system.

Recommend 6 bags average. 2 bags a day, one in morning, one in evening. If there is no improvement within three days, then the situation may more complicated and you should see your doctor, as some serious diseases have initial flu-like symptoms.

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D-Flu is safe and effective, suitable for everyone.



D-flu(流感清)可用于治疗普通感冒和流感。症状包括鼻子堵塞,流鼻涕,发烧,头痛,喉咙痛,咳嗽,关节疼痛或全身酸痛。有些患者也可能伴有恶心,呕吐或腹泻 (胃肠型)。如果治疗不当,感冒或流感会发展成支气管炎甚至肺炎。

D-flu由一组天然抗病毒和抗生素成分组成; 它还包括一些改善免疫系统功能和调节体液平衡的营养成分和活性物质。


将整袋药粉倒入杯中; 用热水溶解,就像制作速溶咖啡一样。凉爽时喝。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜。建议购买6袋。每天2袋,早晨一袋,晚上一袋。三天之内,如果没有明显改善或好转,应该去看医生,因为一些更为严重的疾病早期也会出现类似流感或感冒的症状。



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