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Cough 7TM  咳奇灵

Cough is a common health issue. Cold and flu-induced cough usually clears away within one or two weeks; however, in some situations, for many reasons, the cough persists for weeks and months. Almost all cough medicine may not work and this cough can develop into bronchitis or other complications. Cough 7TM  was developed to treat this kind of difficult cough initially; later, we discovered that it is also very effective for almost all kinds of cough. 

Cough 7TM  works by helping to clean the airways by dilution and removal of mucus. Cough 7TM also inhibits or eliminates viruses or other microorganisms which may cause inflammation in the airways. In addition, Cough 7TM helps to strengthen the body's immune system for self-healing. Possible Side Effect: Cough 7TM  may possibly cause slight nausea for some people due to some ingredents may stimulate the stomach. otherwise there is no other obvious side effects during our more than 20 year clinical use. It can be used for both adults and children.  

Usage:  Two bags a day, dissolve in hot water, drink one bag in the morning, one bag in the evening. Honey can be added to taste, if desired. Children under 10, use half adult's dose; under 3, use one quarter of adult's dose. 

Recommend 6 bags as a course. At check out, in the shopping basket, enter the number of packages you would like in the quantity box, and then click update.




咳嗽是一个非常常见的健康问题。普通感冒引起的咳嗽通常会在一到两周内消失; 然而,在某些情况下,由于种种原因,咳嗽可持续数周,数月,甚至经年。几乎所有的止咳药都可能不起作用,这种咳嗽可能会发展成慢性支气管炎或其他并发症。咳奇灵最初是专为治疗这种难以治愈的咳嗽而开发的。后来临床应用证明,似乎对所有咳嗽都极为有效。咳奇灵通过稀释和去除痰液来清洁气道,抑制或杀灭可能导致气道炎症的病毒,细菌或其他病原微生物。 咳奇灵对咳嗽中枢和身体免疫系统也可能有特殊的调节作用。



将整袋药粉倒入杯中; 用热水溶解,就像制作速溶咖啡一样。凉爽时喝。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜。建议购买6袋。每天2袋,早晨一袋,晚上一袋。小孩用量:10岁以下用半量,3岁以下用4分之一量。


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