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The foundations of CellfitTM is based on our long-term research and analysis, based on our unique theory of cancer pathophysiology – the second-order radical theory of cancer cells. To put it simply, we believe that a variety of stimuli that can cause damage to the body's cells and at the same time can also cause the body's response to repair. We call it a first-degree reversal and almost all other diseases except cancer are only staying at this state. However, no matter what the reason for the first stimulation, if the body is in the process of repair, the raw material (nutrient) has a qualitative and / or quantitative problem (mainly local part of the body), which will lead to the inability of the cell repair to be carried out normally. This results in the stimulation of the second level of the cell, resulting in a second-level reaction, which is cancerous. According to our theory, the correct treatment principle for cancer should be to first eliminate the factors that cause cell damage, while ensuring the necessary nutrient supply for cell growth and repair, thus preventing the cancer of the cells or helping the cancerous cells to recover normally. However, these nutrients are not general or conceptually nutritious - we have termed these as "slow growth substances" (SGS). Due to the development of science and technology, modern people's diets are mostly fast-growing substances, which is why developed countries have more cancers.

CellfitTM is a group of top-quality supplements that have been selected from a wide range of anti-cancer Chinese medicines based on a special Chinese medicine concept using unconventional medical research methods. It can also be used as a preventive treatment for cancer as a complementary treatment for various cancer patients. The composition ingredients are all non-toxic, safe and effective, and are suitable for long-term use. One month is a course of treatment, it is recommended to take 2-3 courses in a row.

Usage: A small bag daily, dissolve in hot water, half in the morning and half in the evening. If desired, add honey to taste. The CellfitTM package contains 15 sachets (half a month). At checkout, you can enter the desired number of packages in the quantity box and click Update.


Cellfit (细胞维康素)的问世经过我们长期的研究和思考,基于我们独特的癌症病理生理的理论—癌细胞生成的二级激反学说。简单说来,我们认为体内外各种各样可导致机体细胞损伤的刺激,也都同时可引起机体修复的反应,我们称为一级激反,除癌症以外几乎所有的其它疾患都只停留在这一状态。但无论第一次刺激的原因是什么,如果机体在修复的过程中,原材料(营养物质)出现了质和/或量的问题(主要机体局部),这就会导致细胞修复不能正常进行,构成对细胞第二级的刺激,从而导致第二级的反应,这种第二级的反应就是癌变。根据我们这一理论,癌症的正确治疗原则应该是首先消除导致细胞损伤的因素,同时保证细胞生长和修复必需的营养供应。从而防止细胞的癌变或帮助癌变的细胞康复正常。但是这些营养并非一般意义上或观念上的营养,甚至恰恰相反,我们称之为“慢生长物质”(SGS)。由于科学技术的发展,现代人们饮食中多为快速生长的物质,这就是为什么发达国家反而癌症更多的原因。

Cellfit (细胞维康素)是运用了非常规的医学研究方式方法,根据特殊的中医理念从众多的抗癌中药中精选的一组上品补益剂。作为各种癌症患者的补充治疗,也可用作癌症的预防。

Cellfit (细胞维康素)应用纯天然中药提取物在英国小批量生产。它们无毒无害,安全有效,适合长期服用。


用法:每日一小袋,溶于热水,早上喝一半,晚上喝一半。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。 一个Cellfit  中包装含15小袋(半月量)。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中填入所需的中包装数量,然后点击更新。

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