Asthmago 哮喘宁 7 Day Package

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Asthmago™  哮喘定 7 Bag Package

In 1997, we treated a boy, who had very severe eczema. Two years later, his father came back and told us that after two weeks of herbal medicine for eczema, his eczema was much better and in addition (he was very surprised), his son  had no asthma attacks at all for two years.  We reviewed the young boy’s prescription and obtained inspiration from this particular case. After further research and clinical tests, we developed Asthmago.

Asthmago™ mainly supports special nutrition for the bronchial lining and reduces and inhibits the inflammation of the airways. Asthmago contains special yin tonics which help prevent the immune system from being overactive.

Furthermore, Asthmago™ can also help reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings, so that it can prevent bronchial spasm caused by various stimulants. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, asthma is related to the spleen (the digestive system). The digestive system of children is weak, which is why children have higher rates of asthma. Asthmago™ additionally strengthens the digestive system.

Asthmago is mainly used for preventing from and treating simple asthma.  Simple asthma is asthma without any other related diseases, such as infection or bronchitis. The symptoms include shortness of breath, chest tightness or pain, wheezing, coughing etc.

The effects and benefits of Asthmago are long-lasting. Our clinical data has proven that the therapeutic effect starts within three days – most individuals will feel normal. The reasonably normal condition may last 3 - 6 months or even longer, after 2-3 courses (1 week per course) of taking Asthmago.

Asthmago aims at the root of asthma, not just the symptoms, therefore it is the most reasonable and best natural medicine for asthma. Moreover, it is safe and suitable for everyone. 

Usage:  One bag a day, dissolve in hot water, drink half in the morning, half in the evening. Honey can be added to taste, if desired. 

For children under 10 years old: one bag for 2-3 days, under 3 years old, one bag for 4-6 days. 

7 bags (1 week) as a course, 2-3 courses are recommended for a long term and stable normal health condition. At check out, in the shopping basket, you can choose the number of the packages you would like, and then click update.



1997 夏,我们治疗了一个患有严重湿疹男孩。两年后小孩的父亲来诊所告诉我们。喝了两周的中药后,湿疹大为好转。令他感到意外的是他儿子的哮喘也完全好了,两年来一次也没发病。我们查核了小孩的病历, 从中得到了一些灵感。经过进一步的研究和临床验证,我们研发出了Asthmago™  临床验方。

Asthmago™主要含有特殊的天然滋补品,增强气管和支气管内皮的保护作用,减少和抑制气道炎症。Asthmago™  含有天然活性成分,有助于防止免疫系统过度活跃。此外,Asthmago还可以帮助降低神经末梢的敏感性,从而可以防止各种刺激因素引起的支气管痉挛。根据中医理论,哮喘与脾脏(消化系统)有关。儿童的消化系统较弱,这可能是儿童哮喘发病率较高的主要原因。 Asthmago配有增强消化系统天然药物。


Asthmago安全有效和作用持久。我们的临床资料表明:服用2-3天即可见效,连续服用1-2周, 停药后可保持正常3-6个月或更长。

Asthmago 治疗哮喘既对症,也对因, 远优于其它疗法。安全有效,无毒无害,适合所有人。




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