Acidstop 胃酸平 7 Day Package

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AcidstopTM  胃酸平 - 7 Bag Package

AcidstopTM is a mixture of several natural Chinese medicine extracts. The development of AcidstopTM  is based on some related formula of traditional Chinese medicine, modern medical knowledge and our doctor’s research and clinical experience. Dr. Shen worked in the digestive research centre of Beijing University for three years.

AcidstopTMhelps the followingHeartburn, Indigestion, Acidity, Acid Reflux Disease, Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Hiatus Hernias, Erosive Esophagitis, Stomach Ulcer, Duodenum ulcer, Bloated Stomach, Helicobacter Pylori Infection etc.

How AcidstopTM works:

AcidstopTM combines several natural antibacterial substances which are able to kill Helicobacter. pylori.

AcidstopTM can further reduce the acid production by inhibiting stomach vigour nerve excitability.

AcidstopTM includes some ingredients which are able to regulate the direction of the stomach movement to prevent stomach reflux.

AcidstopTM includes some ingredients which assist and accelerate the repair of damaged stomach and esophagus lining.

Possible Side Effect

AcidstopTM may cause slight nausea and diarrhoea. It is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

Instructions for use

Put half contents of the herbal powder into a cup; dissolve using hot water, just like making instant coffee. Drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired. One bag for one day, half bag in the morning, half in the evening.  One week as a course. Our clinical data has shown that for most cases only one course is required; however, severe or chronic cases need to take for a longer time.

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AcidstopTM 由一些天然中药提取物配制而成。其研发基于一些相关的传统中医验方,现代医学知识及我们医生的医学研究和临床实践的经验。沈杰医生曾在北大医学部消化研究所工作过三年。

AcidstopTM 主要用于治疗上消化道疾病,症见:胃灼热,消化不良,冒酸,胃食管反流病(GERD),食道裂孔疝,糜烂性食管炎,胃溃疡,十二指肠溃疡,胃胀气,幽门螺旋杆菌感染等。






副作用: AcidstopTM可能会引起轻微的恶心和腹泻。不建议孕妇使用。






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