Heaven Dew Hair Aid

Heaven Dew Hair Aid

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HAIR AIDTM (中杏生发水)

HAIR AIDTM is mainly for alopecia and hair loss caused by chemotherapy. It can also be used for other kinds of hair loss in which the root of the hair has not been completely damaged.

HAIR AIDTM spray has multiple functions: stimulating hair growth; improving blood circulation of the scalp; supporting special hair nutrition.

HAIR AIDTM contains a special group of natural active ingredients from Chinese Medicine. It is small batch made in the England using our own unique formula.

HAIR AIDTM does not have steroids and does not cause irritation or allergy.

HAIR AIDTM is safe and effective, suitable for all.

¨ Multiple natural hair growth stimulators

¨ Advanced natural hair growth tonics

¨ Stops hair loss, treats alopecia and thin hair

¨ Promotes hair to grow faster and longer

Volume:  30ml glass spray bottle.

Usage:  spray onto affected area, massage 1-2 minutes, 2–3 times daily.

After opening, it can be used for 30 days.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

HAIR AIDTM (中杏生发水) 主要用于圆形脱发 (俗称鬼剃头),以及化疗引起的脱发。他也可用于发根尚存的其他型脱发。

HAIR AIDTM喷雾具有多种功能:刺激头发生长;改善头皮气血运行;提供特殊头发营养。 从促进头发生长。

HAIR AIDTM含有多种天然中药的活性成分,应用我们自己独特的配方小批量在英国生产。

HAIR AIDTM 不含激素,不刺激皮肤, 不会引起过敏。无毒无害,安全有效。适用所有人。





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