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Lady-Infirti ™is comprised of a group of special nutrition from Traditional Chinese medicine to assist woman’s pregnancy, based on our doctor’s research about common possible causes of modern female infertility, possible nutritional deficiencies, our own successful clinical cases of infertility, thousands of years of traditional theories and records of successful cases from previous Chinese medicine doctors.  

Furthermore, Lady-Infirti™ is an assistant natural remedy which can also help increase the success rate of IVF. This is because our product can potentially resolve holistically some underlying or unknown  health  problems; therefore when used together with IVF or before IVF, there is a much higher chance of success based on our clinical experience in treating infertility in our UK clinics.

Lady-Infirti ™ is particularly suitable for those cases of infertility where there is no obvious medical cause of the infertility or abnormality from medical examinations.

Lady-Infirti ™ is safe, benefits the body and is suitable for long term use.

One month as a course, 2-3 courses are recommended.  

Usage: One bag a day, dissolve in hot water, drink half in the morning, half in the evening. Honey can be added to taste, if desired. One Lady-Infirti ™ package is 15 days’ supply (half month supply). At check out, in the shopping basket, you can choose the number of the packages you would like, and then click update.


Lady-Infirti™ (孕子散)由一组选自中药的特殊营养成分组成,也可看作传统中药暖宫孕子丸的增强版。治疗女性不孕症。此外,Lady-Infirti 也可作为IVF辅助疗法,帮助提高IVF的成功率。这是因为我们的产品可以从整体上解决一些潜在的或未知的不孕症病因; 因此,当与IVF一起使用或在IVF之前使用时,根据我们在英国诊所治疗不孕症的临床经验,成功率大为增加。




用法:每日一小袋,溶于热水,早上喝一半,晚上喝一半。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。 One Lady-Infirti包装含15袋(半月量)。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中选择所需的中包装数量,然后点击更新。


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