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A-Leg™ is composed of a group of Chinese herbal medicine for leg pain including hips, knees, ankles, thigh, feet etc. such as arthritis, sports injury, tendinitis, diabetic-caused feet /leg problem. Hip replacement, knee replacement or amputation may be avoided by the help of A-Leg™.  A-Leg™ supplies special nutrition and active ingredients, which help the body's self-healing by improving blood and energy (qi) circulation along the legs, so the pain, tension, stiffness and damage will be relieved and the function will be recovered.  

A-Leg™ will work better if combined with other therapy such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy etc.

A-Leg™ is safe and suitable for long term use.

Usage:  One bag a day, dissolve in hot water, drink half in the morning, half in the evening. Honey can be added to taste, if desired. A-Leg ™ package is 15 days’ supply (half month supply). At check out, in the shopping basket, you can choose the number of the packages you would like, and then click update.





用法:每日一小袋,溶于热水,早上半袋,晚上半袋。如果需要,可以加入蜂蜜调味。 A-Leg包装含15小袋(半月量)。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中选择所需的中包装数量,然后点击更新。



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