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Pain in the gallbladder area is mostly caused by  cholecystitis or / and cholelithiasis. Surgery is often the ultimate solution, but there are many surgical sequelae. Our clinical experience has repeatedly proven that GallblafitTM can quickly and effectively alleviate and eliminate pain, and through dissolving and removing gallbladder stonesimprove qi and blood circulation, anti-inflammation and dampness, and assist the body to recover to normal, thus avoiding surgical resection.

GallblafitTM is the optimum formula resulting from our doctor’s clinical expertise. It consists of a group of pure natural Chinese herbal extracts and is small-batch produced in the UK.

GallblafitTM is non-toxic, safe and effective; however, it needs to be different in dosage.

Usage: One bag at a time, twice a day. If there is no obvious effect within 24 hours, the dose should be increased. You can use two bags or even three bags at a time. After the symptoms are alleviated, return to one bag at a time. If desired, add honey to taste.

A GallblafitTM package contains 15 bags. For acute or new cases, 15 bags may be enough; for chronic repeated casesmore may be required. At checkout, in the shopping basket, you can enter the desired number of packages in the quantity box and click Update.



胆囊区疼痛多为胆囊炎或/和胆石症。手术常为最终的解决手段,但手术后遗症很多。我们的临床经验反复证明,GallblafitTM(胆痛散)能快速有效的减轻和消除疼痛,并通过利胆排石,理气活血,消炎化湿,帮助身体康复正常, 从而避免手术切除。


GallblafitTM(胆痛散)无毒无害,安全有效, 但在剂量上需因人因病而异。


 一个Gallblafit ™  中包装含15小袋。急性或新发病者,一个中包装即可,慢性反复发作者,可能需要服用久一些。在结账时,您可以在购物篮中填入所需的中包装数量,然后点击更新

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