D-Fungal & Skinmate Spray Package

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2 Sprays Package: D-FungalTM and Skinmate TM  Best Results alternate usage (i.e. use D-Fungal day 1, Skinmate day 2)

D-FungalTM (中杏癣药水)30ml spray

D-FungalTM  is mainly for fungal infections, ringworm, etc. it can be used for some general skin infections, such as boils, pruritis…

D-FungalTM spray has multiple functions: instantly stops itchy sensation or soothes irritation, reduces inflammation, kills various fungi and other germs. In addition, it offers special nutrition to repair and nourish the skin.

D-FungalTM contains a group of active natural ingredients from Chinese Medicine. It is small batch made in the England using our own unique formula.

Volume: 30ml Glass Spray Bottle.

D-FungalTM is safe and effective, suitable for all.

Usage: spray onto affected area, 2 – 3 times daily.

After opening, it can be used for 30 days. Store in a cool and dry place.



SkinmateTM soothes & repairs skin with chronic ulcer, burns and scalds, wounded skin.

Volume 30ml Glass Spray Bottle. Small batch made in England.

SkinmateTM contains active natural ingredients and special nutrition from Chinese Medicine - unique China Pharma formula. Developed from our 20+ years of clinical practice. Natural herbal scent with no additional fragrance. Suitable for all skin types and long term use.

SkinmateTM spray has multiple functions: soothes irritation, reduces inflammation, prevents and heals from general infection, offers special nutrition to repair and nourish the skin.

No Steroid 

No Paraben

No fragrance



Suitable for all

Traditionally used - Scientifically based - Clinically tested

Usage: spray onto affected area, 2 – 3 times daily. For external use only.




SkinmateTM含有活性天然成分和中药特殊营养 - 独特的中国制药配方。从我们20多年的临床实践中发展而来。天然草本香味,无附加香味。适合所有皮肤类型和长期使用。








传统上使用 - 基于科学 - 临床测试



D-FungalTM (中杏癣药水)主要用于真菌感染,包括头癣,脚癣,体癣 等,也可用于其他皮肤感染,bo疮,瘙痒... 条件:全新。卷30ml玻璃喷雾瓶。小批量在英国制造。 D-FungalTM含有来自中医的活性天然成分 - 独特的中国制药配方。从我们20多年的临床实践中发展而来。 D-FungalTM喷雾具有多种功能:舒缓刺激,减少炎症,杀死各种真菌和其他细菌,提供特殊营养,修复和滋养皮肤。 没有类固醇 没有Paraben 没有香味 非粉刺 防过敏 适合所有人 传统上使用 - 基于科学 - 临床测试 用法:喷洒于患处,每日2-3次。仅限于外用

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