Eczemaplus 7 Day Package + 2 Sprays (Itch Aqua + Skinmate)

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EczemaplusTM 湿疹清 7 Day Package + Itch Aqua Spray + Skinmate Spray (Save £10 when purchased as package)

In our first London clinic, from 1996 to 2002, we treated more than one thousand eczema cases. Gradually, we standardised our formula and named our product EczemaplusTM. EczemaplusTM includes a group of nutrition to internally cool the body and effectively calm the overactive immune system and/or nervous system. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, the digestive system is very relevant; EczemaplusTM strengthens the digestive system by providing special nutrition to improve the condition of the inner skin of the digestive system. EczemaplusTM also assists the regulation of the digestion and absorption functions of the digestive system. Furthermore, EczemaplusTM provides special nutrition for the skin, repairing the dry skin and helping it become recover to normal. Moreover, EczemaplusTM helps to reduce the itching sensation effectively and efficiently.

Recommendation: Use with our Itch Aqua™ spray and Skinmate, for best results. 

Recommendation: according to our clinical experience, an average case needs 1 week (7 bags) as a course and severe cases may need more. For children under 10 years old: one bag for 2-3 days, for children under 3 years old: one bag for 5-7 days.

Instructions for use

Put half contents of the herbal powder into a cup; dissolve using hot water, just like making instant coffee. Drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired. One bag for one day, half bag in the morning, half in the evening.

At check out, in the shopping basket, enter the number of bags you would like in the quantity box, and then click update. EczemaplusTM is safe, effective and suitable for everyone.







湿疹清内服加外用我们的Itch Aqua止痒喷雾剂, 其治疗效果会更快更好。



建议:根据我们的临床经验,平均病例需要1周(7袋)作为病程,严重病例可能需要更多。对于10岁以下的儿童:一个包2-3天,3岁以下儿童:一个包5-7天。 使用说明 将半份草药粉放入杯中;用热水溶解,就像制作速溶咖啡一样。凉爽时喝。如果需要,可以添加蜂蜜


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