Omtten 2.0 (Nasal Spray) 新冠喷剂 (消炎露 2.0)

Omtten 2.0 (Nasal Spray) 新冠喷剂 (消炎露 2.0)

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‘Omtten 2.0’

Introduction: ‘Omtten 2.0’ is an oral and nasal spray. It contains a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients for anti-inflammation and detoxification, which may kill or inhibit the virus. The nasal cavity and throat are the gateways to the lungs and are often places where pathogenic microorganisms are hidden. Keeping these parts hygienic can be regarded as accurate protection against coronavirus pneumonia – we call this protection 'open protection'. It is more economical and reasonable than mask-isolated protection, and this contact protection is beneficial to the body to generate immunity - autoimmunity is the ultimate solution to Covid-19. Targeting the mouth and nose gateway is not only important for protection but also for treatment; maintaining the hygiene of the nose and mouth is important throughout the prevention and treatment process.

Ingredients: Formula of China Pharma, 100% Chinese herbal extracts, natural preservative and natural sweetener.

Function: May inhibit and kill various pathogenic microorganisms including coronavirus in the nasal cavity and throat. Used for the protection and adjuvant treatment of Covid-19.

Packaging: Blue 10ml spray bottle

Price: £ 14.99

Usage: Remove the bottle cap by pulling it, push down the plastic bar on both sides, (for the first use, you may need to spray a few times to get the liquid into the sprayer). Spray once into both nostrils, then quickly inhale for a few times and tilt your head for around one minute to prevent it from flowing out of the nostrils and let the remedy reach the back of the throat. When spraying, pay attention to keep the nozzle upright to prevent air from entering the nozzle. 3-4 times a day, or use when required.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. It can be used for 30 days after opening. Best before: date on bottle. Made in UK.


1"消炎露(Omtten 2.0 )


保持这些部位的卫生,可视为对新冠肺炎的精准防护,且这种防护我们称之为开放式防护 比较口罩隔离式防护更为经济合理,且这种接触式防护有利于自身机体产生免疫力,自身的免疫是新冠肺炎的终极解决方式。看好口鼻门户,不但对于防护,对于治疗也至关重要,所以保持口鼻的卫生应贯穿疫情防治过程的始终。

成分:中杏新医药公司配方, 全中药提取物,天然防腐剂和天然甜味剂






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