Omtten 消炎露

Omtten 消炎露

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OmttenTM (消炎露)

OmttenTM offers natural protection and treatment  for oral membrane, throat, tongue, ears and nose. It can be used for oral ulcer, sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, glossitis, ear infection, rhinitis, etc. 

OmttenTM contains a group of natural antibiotics which can kill many kinds of harmful microorganism. Furthermore, OmttenTM also supports some special nutrition which assists tissue repair and recovery.

OmttenTM is a 100% natural product, based on our doctor’s formula, using food grade GMP certified Chinese herbal ingredients. Small batch made in the UK. 

OmttenTM is packaged in a fine mist adjustable sprayer, the sprayer head can be turned 360 degrees, which makes it easy to use - just open the cap, adjust the sprayer head position, point towards affected area and spray 2-3 times, 4 times daily.

OmttenTM uses consumable food ingredients, so there is no need to spit it out, if used in the mouth.

OmttenTM tastes sweet and there is no bad smell or aftertaste; the product is suitable for children to use as well. Young children will need adult assistance to utilise the spray.

There are no observed side effects and no known ingredients which cause allergy or problems for pregnant individuals.

Quantity:  10ml/per bottle, 0.12-0.14ml per spray.

Store in a cool and dry place. Product can be used for 30 days after opening.


OmttenTM (消炎露)为口腔,喉咙,舌头,耳朵和鼻子粘膜或内皮肤提供天然保护和治疗。可用于口腔溃疡,咽喉痛,扁桃体炎,咽炎,舌炎,耳部感染,鼻炎等。


OmttenTM100%天然产品,基于我们医生的配方,使用食品级GMP认证的中药成分, 在英国小批量生产。


使用说明:只需打开盖子,调整喷头位置,指向受影响区域并喷洒2-3次,每天4次。 OmttenTM使用可食性成分,因此如果在口中使用,则无需吐出。

 OmttenTM味道甜美,没有难闻的气味该产品适合儿童使用。幼儿需要成人帮助才能使用喷雾器。 没有观察到副作用,也没有已知成分可导致过敏或孕妇出现问题。



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