Heaven Dew Hair Guard

Heaven Dew Hair Guard

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HAIR GUARD   Natural Hair Spray

HAIR GUARDTM contains a special group of natural ingredients from Chinese Medicine. It is small batch made in the UK using our own unique formula. It has multiple functions:

  • Instantly relieves or stops pain/itch

  • Quickly reduces allergy and dandruff

  • Multiple natural antibiotics - treats and protects from fungal, bacteria, yeast, lice, etc. 

  • Offers special nutrition for affected scalp to repair

HAIR GUARDTM is safe and effective, suitable for all including children.

Volume:  30ml glass spray bottle.

Usage:  spray onto affected area, massage 1-2 minutes, twice daily.

After opening, it can be used for 12 months.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.


HAIR GUARDTM 喷雾具有多种功能:

  • 即时减轻和消除头皮疼痛和瘙痒

  • 快速减轻头皮过敏和头屑

  • 广谱抗菌及抗生作用,包括包括真菌,细菌,头虱等

  • 提供特殊营养, 帮助受损部位康复。

 HAIR GUARDTM 含有多种天然中药的活性成分,应用我们自己独特的配方小批量在英国生产。

HAIR GUARDTM 不含激素,不刺激皮肤, 不会引起过敏。无毒无害,安全有效。适用所有人, 包括儿童。





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