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D-Hay fever - 7 Bag Package

Development of D-Hay fever

D- Hay fever means ‘Down Hay fever’.  In the early nineties, after living in the UK for three years, our doctor developed Hay fever himself.    Although there were a lot of medications including many herbal products which claimed to help relieve Hay fever symptoms, he did not get satisfied therapeutic effect after trying almost all of these medicine or herbal formula.   After more than ten years of research and repeated clinical trials and personal testing, a satisfactory formula for Hay fever was finally finalised.  This product’s previous name was ‘Herbmask’, now it has been renamed ‘D-Hay fever’, this because it is not just a mask to protect the body, it is a really good way to sort out this health problem.

About D-Hay fever

D-Hay fever is composed of a group natural Chinese herbal medicine extracts.  It includes two parts of ingredients: part one is able to stop or relieve symptoms in half hour and lasts about 8 hours after one dose.  Part two is to support special nutrition to strengthen the membrane of the nose, eyes and throat etc.  Dr Shen believes that nutrition imbalance is the root of Hay fever problem, which causes membrane weakness and inability to protect from pollen or other antigens getting into the body.

Instructions for use

Put half contents of the herbal powder into a cup; dissolve using hot water, just like making instant coffee. Drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired. Symptoms will stop or be relieved in half an hour, when the symptoms come back, repeat dosage.  It is suitable for long term use - you can use one bag a day regularly or use it when desired.  Children can reduce the dose - one quarter of a bag can be used for under 6 years old.  Due to the variation in people’s health condition and severity, and environmental conditions influence hay fever greatly, it is hard to determine how many bags people need to get reasonable well. According to our clinical experience, an average case needs 1 week (7 bags) as a course and severe cases may need more.

Attention:  If people regularly use antihistamines or other immune inhibitors, D-Hay fever may not work well.  This is because drugs have changed the body, so the body is more sensitive. In this case, people need to increase dose and prolong the usage period of D-Hay fever, and at same time gradually reduce or stop the immune inhibitor.

D-Hay fever is safe and effective, suitable for everyone. Severe cases need long term use: 1-2 months.

To purchase, click add to basket and in shopping basket, update the number in the quantity box to the number of packages desired. Normal course 1 week (7 bags). Follow onscreen instructions to checkout. We dispatch UK and international orders within 3 working days. 


上世纪九十年代初,我们的医生沈杰来英三年后,得了严重的花粉病。尽管试用了各种中西药的疗法,都未得到满意的疗效。经过十多年的研究和自身的反复验证,终于研发出满意的中药效方。最初定名为“金钟饮”, 现改为“鼻敏消”。




将半袋草药粉放入杯中;用热水溶解,就像制作速溶咖啡一样。凉爽时喝下。如果需要,可以添加蜂蜜。症状会在半小时内停止或缓解,当症状再现时,服用另一半袋。可以定期每天使用一袋,也可只在需要时使用它。儿童应减少剂量6岁以下可以用四分之一的成人剂量。由于人们的健康状况和严重程度的不同,以及环境条件对花粉症的影响很大,因此很难确定人们需要多少袋才能获得最佳效果。根据我们的临床经验,平均病例需要1 7袋)作为一个疗程,严重病例可能需要服用更长时间。


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