D-Coronavirus B 保肺散

D-Coronavirus B 保肺散

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‘D-coronavirus B’

Introduction: ‘D-coronavirus B’ is used for the protection of Covid-19 in asymptomatic, sub-healthy people or normal people. By providing special nutritional ingredients, it can promote healthy aquatic levels, improve the body's immunity and resist the damage of viruses to the lungs. The formula comes from the research results of modern Chinese medicine and the recent clinical experience of Chinese medicine in fighting Covid-19.

Ingredients: Formula of China Pharma Ltd, mixture Chinese herbal extracts

Function: Provides special nutrition, improves health, prevents from fear and anxiety induced by the virus, improve the body's own immunity and prevent from Covid-19 infection.

Packaging: 7 bags of silver aluminium film heat-sealed packaging; each bag is about 10 grams.

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Usage: Tear open the packet at half circle tear indicators, pour all the herbal powder into a cup, add 100-150ml hot water, stir to dissolve. Drink when lukewarm/cool.

One bag daily and take it every night before bedtime. A small amount of the precipitate is a water-insoluble component and should be taken together.

7 days is a course of treatment.  Multiple courses may be taken.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place for two years.



简介:‘保肺散’ 用于尚无症状,亚健康人群或正常人的新冠防护。通过提供特殊营养成分,增进健康水品,提高身体免疫能力,抵抗病毒对肺脏的侵害。配方来源于现代中药学的研究成果和新近国内中医抗击新冠的临床经验。

成分:中杏新医药公司配方, 全中药浓缩粉冲服剂







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