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Western medicine currently has no specific effective treatment drugs for Covid-19. Clinical practice has proved that Chinese medicine has played an important role in China's successful anti-epidemic efforts.  But the clinical research conducted by China Pharma in the UK has proved that the existing Chinese medicine products on the market have limited efficacy. We have some Covid-19 patients who have taken several types of Chinese medicines but there was no obvious effectOnly after using China Pharma’s D-Covid  Package did those patients recover rapidly. It has been clinically proven that China Pharma’s ‘D-Covid Package’ is the best choice for coronavirus patients and may be the safest, most effective and cheapest way to save lives.

The  D-Covid Package’  has been carefully developed by combining traditional Chinese prescriptions for fighting epidemics, the successful results of the recent fight against Covid-19 in China, modern Chinese pharmaceutical research materials and our doctor’s more than 50 years medical experienceThe product is comprised of all botanical Chinese medicine ingredients and contains no animal ingredients; it is non-toxic and harmless. It integrates prevention and treatment together to provide safe, efficient and all-round support and help for the body. ‘D-Covid Package’ is made in the UK, using GMP-certified quality natural herbal ingredients.

The effect can be seen within 24 hours after taking the remedy, the outcome will appear within three days, and more than 95% of patients can basically recover within 7 days. This means that for patients with advanced severe disease who have already experienced breathing difficulties, if the herbal remedy can be administered early, regardless of the severity of the disease, two packets of the remedy may block the development of the disease. A spare ‘D-Covid Package’ may be enough to protect a family of seven. 
‘D-Covid Package’ is suitable for almost all patients. Children under 12 years old should halve the dose. Children under 6 years old should use quarter the dose. 
IMPORTANT: The following groups are NOT recommended to use ‘D-Covid Package’ or ONLY use with caution under the close observation of a doctor:
1. Critically ill patients on ventilator
2. Pregnant women
3. Patients with no significant improvement in symptoms within 48 hours after use
4. Those with serious underlying diseases
5. Patients who have been treated with a variety of western medicines


‘D-Covid’ Package includes:

A)  One bottle nasal/oral spray ‘Omtten’          and

B) 14 bags of internal herbal remedy ‘D-Coronavirus’ (concentrated powder)


A. Nasal/oral Spray (Omtten)

Ingredients: China Pharma unique formula, 30% (approx.) Chinese raw herbal extracts, natural preservative and natural sweetener.

Function:  Inhibits and kills pathogenic microorganisms of nasal cavity and nasopharynx, including various viruses, bacteria etc.; reduces inflammation; instantly relieves sore throat, blocked/running nose, headache, etc.; used for prevention and adjuvant treatment of Covid or suspected cases/symptoms

Packaging: Blue plastic 10ml nasal/oral spray bottle.

Usage: Remove the bottle cap by pulling it, push down the plastic bar on both sides, (for the first use, you may need to spray a few times to get the liquid into the sprayer).

Spray once into both nostrils, then tilt your head for around one minute to prevent it from flowing out of the nostrils and let the remedy reach the back of the throat. When spraying, pay attention to keep the nozzle upright to prevent air from entering the nozzle. 4 times a day, or use when required. 

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. It can be used for 30 days after opening. Best before: date on bottle. Made in UK and registered in the EU.


B. Herbal Remedy Powder (D-Coronavirus)

Ingredients: Unique China Pharma formula, 7 times (approx.) concentrated GMP-certified Chinese herbal extract powder mixture.

Function:  Relieves fever, headache, cough, breathing difficulty with anti-inflammatory properties; inhibits Cytokine storm; prevents from bacterial infection, increases hypoxia tolerance etc.  It is used for all stages of Covid or suspected cases/symptoms.

Packaging: Silver aluminium film heat-sealed individual packets.

Usage: Tear open the bag at half circle tear indicators, pour the herbal powder into a cup, add 100-150ml hot water, and stir to dissolve. Drink when lukewarm. One bag each time, twice daily.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Best before: March 2023. Made in UK.


新冠肺炎肆疟全球年余,西医目前尚无特效治疗药物,临床实践已证明中医药在中国的成功抗疫中发挥了重要作用。但中杏新医药公司的在英国的临床研究证明,市面上现有的新冠中药产品疗效有限,我们有很多华人新冠患者在用我们的‘新冠治疗包’之前,都服过许多中药包括‘清肺排毒汤’,‘双黄连’, ‘莲花清瘟’等,没有明显效果,仍高烧不退,喉痛头痛胸痛不减,咳嗽不止,呼吸不畅。直到用了我们的‘新冠治疗包’才得以迅速转危为安。 疫苗免疫期大约只有5个月。且由于病毒的变异,后果实难预料,其保护效果令人质疑,副作用令人生畏, 不应指望太高。建议最好使用或备用本公司新冠治疗包。


我们的‘新冠治疗包’ 由本公司资深大夫集五十余年中西医研究和临床的经验,结合中国传统抗击瘟疫的验方,新近国内抗击新冠的成果和现代中药学的研究资料精心研制而成。全为植物中药成分,无动物成分,无毒无害。集防与治为一体,为机体提供安全,高效,全方位的支持和帮助。服药后24小时之内即可见效,三天之内出现转归,95%以上患者7天可基本康复。这是指对已出现呼吸困难的晚期重症患者而言,如能早期用药, 不论病情轻重,两包药即可阻断病情发展。备用一个‘新冠治疗包’足可保护一个7口之家













成分:中杏新医药公司配方, 全植物中药提取物,天然防腐剂和天然甜味剂




B: ‘新冠散

简介:‘新冠散’为复方中药浓缩粉内服冲剂。可用于轻,中 或重症新冠患者或疑似患者,症见发热,咳嗽,咽喉痛,头痛,全身酸痛,乏力,腹泻,味觉/嗅觉丧失,呼吸困难等。可以清热解毒,止咳化痰,宣肺平喘,活血止血, 提高肌体免疫力,增强身体对缺氧耐受力,防止免疫系统的过度反应(细胞因子风暴),抑制或减轻炎症渗出。特别对于高烧不退,咳嗽不止,呼吸不畅的重症患者,有意想不到的疗效,及时应用,可防止进入‘ICU’或使用呼吸机。

成分:中杏新医药公司配方, 全植物中药浓缩粉冲服剂。






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