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Tinnitus Treatment Package -  China Pharma London

A unique set of effective natural treatments developed from our UK clinical practice

Money-back guaranteed

Traditionally Used, Scientifically Proved, Clinically Tested

In our 25 years of UK clinical practice, we discovered that when we treated other diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, neck/back pain, migraine etc., our clients often told us that their tinnitus had also been improved or fully recovered. This inspired our interest in tinnitus treatment. After years research and clinical trials, our unique and effective tinnitus treatment package is now available.

Is this package right for me?

Our tinnitus treatment package is suitable for the following symptoms: ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring, or screeching in the ears, crickets, sirens, whooshing, static, pulsing, ocean waves, buzzing, clicking, dial tones, musical sounds.

Our tinnitus treatment package is suitable for the following diagnoses: pulsatile tinnitus, cold/flu infection-induced tinnitus, neck injury/cervical tinnitus, whiplash tinnitus, myelin tinnitus, children tinnitus, noise exposure tinnitus, head trauma tinnitus, unilateral tinnitus, cerumen impaction, otitis externa/otitis media tinnitus,  sensorineural hearing loss tinnitus, acoustic neuroma tinnitus, episodic tinnitus, Meniere's disease tinnitus, somatic tinnitus, labyrinthitis tinnitus, amoxicillin tinnitus, cervical spine tinnitus, unilateral, bilateral, subjective, objective, intermittent, continuous, vibratory, non-vibratory, barotrauma tinnitus, etc.

What is included in the package?

A.) Internal component: 14 bags (two weeks supply, week 1 formula A; week 2 formula B) of herbal remedies made according to our unique formula. The remedies have been developed by our doctor and are made in the UK from GMP certified quality Chinese herbal medicine, in concentrated powder form.

B.) External component: 1 bottle of TDP Eardrop (oil-based) and 2 bottles of TDP Earpump (water-based). BothTDP Eardrop and TDP Earpump are developed by our doctor and made in the UK from GMP certified quality raw Chinese herbs.

C.) Self-healing techniques: 1. Press In and Release Out; 2. Rub-turning; 3. Cross ear pulling; 4. Eustachian tube ventilation

D) Cotton Balls

How do I use them?

  1. Internal Herbal Remedies: The 14 bags of herbal remedies are divided into Week 1 (7 bags) and Week 2 (7 bags). The herbal remedies are easy to use: dissolve the powder contents in hot water and drink (like making instant coffee).  1 bag a day, drink in the evening.

  2. External products:  TDP Eardrops and TDP Earpumps are dropped or sprayed into the affected ear(s) for 2-3 times a day, 2-3 drops or pumps each time. Alternate the two products. After the liquid is in the ear, tilt the head to the opposite side for 1-2 minutes to prevent flowing out. If there is an outflow, wipe with a cotton bud. It is better to use the oil-based TDP Eardrops before going to sleep at night, because the absorption is slower and the localised action time is longer. TDP Earpumps comes in two different bottle formats: for both the spray heads should be upward when used. The TDP Earpump round nozzle rotates 360 degrees for ease of use. The TDP Earpump pointed nozzle is convenient for rinsing the external auditory canal and clearing the earwax/sputum. Dependent on each individual’s situation, you can use these products flexibly based on your condition and personal preference.

How does it work? 

Herbal medicine is multi-functional. Both internal and external treatments have the following therapeutic functions:

  • Provides special, natural nutrition to help auditory nerve and hair cells to repair and recover

  • Help open certain blockages and improve local blood circulation to nourish the affected tissue

  • Calm the nervous system and relieve the stress and anxiety caused by tinnitus

  • Prevent and treat inflammation and infection

  • Clear and clean the ear canal and eliminate earwax/sputum

  • Self-healing techniques can help reduce local muscle tension, improve local blood circulation and increase the herbal medicine concentration in the affected area.  

What is the cost?

£179.99 for the 2 week treatment package

What are the expected results?

The effective rate of our tinnitus treatment package is more than 90%. The recovery rate is about 60% and approximately 40% of cases require longer treatment after 2 weeks. 2 weeks is an indicator to determine if our treatment plan is right for you; afterwards, you can decide if you need to continue treatment based on your individual circumstances. All treatments and ingredients are very safe, beneficial and suitable for long-term use. After completion of the 2 weeks tinnitus treatment and you would like to continue, you can either purchase the package again or purchase the individual components according to your own preference and situation. 

According to our clinical practice, clients with tinnitus can be divided into two major categories. One type can be effective or fully recovered within two weeks, such as inflammation or cervical spondylosis, as long as the treatment is appropriate; another type is slow and requires longer-term treatment, such as cases where the problem is caused by drugs or by acoustic neuroma. Our two-week tinnitus treatment is based on this clinical experience.

Our money back guarantee

To ensure quality customer service and product satisfaction we have a money-back guarantee for this package: If you are not satisfied with our treatment and believe that you have not benefited at all, we can refund 50% of the total treatment cost (£90). Refunds must be completed within 1 month of purchase. A copy of the order is required to confirm the payer. Refunds are limited to first purchases and no refund is available for any subsequent purchases.

To buy, click on the tinnitus product package image at the top of the page, to add to shopping basket. The full package is the first image. 

We accept payments online via the Paypal secure system which accepts all major credit cards. We aim to dispatch all orders (UK and international) within 3 working days via UK Royal Mail post.

If you have any questions please contact us: (E) info@china-pharma.co.uk. (T) +44 (0)203 489 2139. You may also fill out and submit the contact us form (link at the bottom of the page) and we will respond promptly.





中杏新医药公司在英国25年的临床实践中,发现当我们治疗病人其他疾病,如失眠,焦虑,高血压,糖尿病,颈部/背部疼痛,偏头痛,颈椎病等,病人常常告诉我们他们的耳鸣也得到了改善或者完全消失了。 这引起了我们对耳鸣治疗的兴趣,经过多年的研究和临床试验,我们逐渐研发出了一套专治耳鸣的独特而有效的新中医疗法, 现作为专项疗法推出,以便使更多患者受益。该项治疗,确保疗效,无效退款。


A.)内服中成药:根据我们独特配方(配方A和配方B)制作的14袋(两周供应量)中药冲剂。 这些冲剂是在英国采用GMP认证的欧盟法律许可进口的优质中药浓缩粉混合包装而成。


C.)自我辅助疗法 1。食指按放法。2。拨筋摇动法 3。交叉牵耳法 4。耳咽管通气法



外用中药:TDP 滴耳油TDP 滴耳液 每日2-3次轮番滴入或喷入病耳。药液入耳后,头身偏向对侧1-2分钟,以防过早流出。如有流出,用棉球棒擦净,以免污染衣被。晚上入睡前用油基的为好, 因其吸收慢,局部作用时间长些。滴耳液用喷头,用时瓶身应向上。圆喷头可360度旋转,有利保持瓶身向上。尖喷头有利冲洗外耳道,清除耵聍,用时头可偏向同侧,以利清除。









总共179.99 英镑, 不包括邮费。



根据我们的临床经验,耳鸣患者大致可分两大类,一类只要治疗合适,很快即可见效或完全康复(两周之内),譬如炎症或颈椎病引起的耳鸣;另一类则凑效缓慢,需要较长时间的调理, 譬如药物引起的听神经损伤或听神经瘤引起的耳鸣。我们为期两周的专项疗法就是基于这一临床事实。 2周是一个指标,用于确定我们的治疗方案是否适合您,您可以根据个人情况决定是否需要继续治疗。如需继续治疗,可根据个人情况和治疗效果,购买治疗包或其部分。全部药物成分非常安全,无不良反应或副作用,适合长期使用。