Perfume 天露香水

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Perfume 天露香水



Inspired by the luxury fragrances and scented powders originating from the ancient Chinese palaces and crafted with the finest natural perfume oils, Heaven Dew® is a genuine treasure of the Orient.

Heaven Dew® was developed with a special focus on creating a healthy perfume that also promotes wellbeing derived from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Scent is linked with the oldest part of the human brain - related to emotions and inspiration. 

Heaven Dew® is a pioneering product - the first perfume brand founded by mainland Chinese to enter the European market.

Heaven Dew® is a high-grade natural perfume series.

Heaven Dew® was developed and produced by Dr Jie Shen and his daughter Ms Lisa Shen in London.

Ms Lisa Shen’s grandmother is a descendant of Yan Hui. Yan Hui was the most gifted disciple of Confucius and China's Emperors bestowed various gifts to generations of his family.

Heaven Dew® perfume is made with the highest quality oriental natural perfume oils combined with modern and the most advanced perfume science and technology. The formulation has been finalised over a three year period and thousands of experiments.



Heaven Dew®(天露)由沈杰博士和其女丽莎在伦敦研发,生产和上市。丽莎的祖母颜承梅为颜回的第75代后裔。 颜回是孔子最有天赋的弟子,其后裔历代常有皇帝的赏赐。“天露”香水的灵感来自中国古代宫廷香粉的香型和渊源,并以最优质的东方天然香料, 结合现代最先进香水工艺和技术精制而成。其配方定型经过了长达三年的时间和近千次的实验。“天露”是真正的东方瑰宝

yan_family_photo Family photograph, circa 1920s.