Internal Remedies 内服药

Internal Remedies 内服药

Our Internal Remedies

Our internal remedies are small-batch made in the UK from GMP-certified 5-10 times concentrated Chinese natural herbal extracts powder, according to our own unique formulae. They are traditionally used, scientifically based and clinically tested.

  • All ingredients of our internal remedies are from plants sources; there are no animal related ingredients or any plant ingredients on the verge of extinction.
  • All ingredients of our internal remedies are legally allowed to be used in EU markets.  
  • Our internal remedies are easy to use - just dissolve in hot water and drink. Taste has been improved by natural sweetener.
  • Our remedies aim at helping the body recover back to normal, they do not try to control or intervene with the body, so they do not need to be taken for years or the long term; they can be stopped as soon as health recovers to normal.   In most situations, it only takes several days to several weeks.


  • 我们内服药的所有成分均来自植物,不包括任何动物和濒临灭绝的植物成分。
  • 我们内服药的所有成分都合法在欧盟市场使用。
  • 我们的内服药易于使用 - 只需溶于热水即可饮用。味道已经天然矫味剂改良。
  • 我们的内服药旨在帮助身体恢复健康,不试图干预和控制机体,因而无需常年累月地服用;一旦您的健康恢复正常,他们就可以停止服用时间大多在数天到数周。

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